What I wish I knew about hospice?

Hospice is not just for the final hours or days of someone’s life. Hospice is meant to provide comfort and care during any stage of a person’s illness or treatment, from the early stages when someone begins to experience symptoms, to the end-of-life phase. This means that hospice can be a valuable resource for people who are facing any kind of illness or medical condition.

The benefits of hospice go beyond simply providing comfort and care. Research has shown that patients who are in hospice tend to have fewer symptoms and require less medication than those who are not in hospice. They also have a better chance of recovering fully from their illness, and they often experience less anxiety and depression compared to patients who are not in hospice.

So what should you do if you’re worried about someone you love? The best thing you can do is talk to them about their feelings, let them know what options they have available, and listen carefully to what they want. After all, it’s important that your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible during this difficult time.


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